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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vacation Week Accomplishments

I have been on February vacation for the past week. It has been.......... ah, well... read ahead..

Yesterday, Friday I found myself pondering whether or not I "did anything" over my vacation. I didn't go on any fabulous vacation or even any day trips... I stayed home and worked on things around the apartment. Sounds rather...blahhh... Sounds kind of depressing. But then I thought OK. I did MANY things. Lets look at my accomplishments...

*  I spent Friday and Saturday enjoying my first few days off with my boyfriend and my dog, Bella. We went on a few walks and Bella played in the snow. She doesn't like older/crustier snow but she LOVES fresh snow!

* Saturday I sold a pair of earrings through my etsy shop, barefootedwanderer. Yes, it's only one pair of earrings and to tell you the truth, I haven't sold many items through my shop. But..
  Celebrate our accomplishments!       Right???


*  I Finished a couple orders for crochet beanies (hats). And they look great!

Finished the black and rainbow ones.

*  I've been trying to figure out a way to make my origami crane earrings more durable... Added some nail polish... Works great... I can still bend and reshape the paper if I need to adjust them. But they hold their own shape much better!

*  I signed up for and have been partaking in the Right Brain Business Video Summit. I haven't watched all the videos yet, I am behind by a day (I think) but it has been very informative and fun! I am learning TONS! I am really looking forward to putting these new ideas... to use!


 *  I finished customizing a wheel chair for a friend. I love the way it came out! What do you think?

You can't really see it in the picture (I went over it again after the picture was taken) but the word bubbles say "MINE!", "Totally...", and an address...

Story goes that people have mistaken her wheelchair (when she is not in it) for one that belongs to the facility she is at... (the airport for example)... so she wanted something that would clearly make it "hers"... thus the "MINE!" bird...   

*  Finally, yesterday as I was thinking about all these things I was actually driving to the Open Studio at Sandy Steen Bartholomew's studio in Warner, NH. 
So I spent the evening there with a small group of creative women playing-with/exploring and creating stamps! It was a lot of fun. I look forward to stopping in again.

I guess it really has been a productive week! WOW!

And now.. My big task (in addition to mentally preparing myself to return to work/school/teaching Monday) I am working on a Grey and White Chevron Afghan. I have never crocheted a blanket before... but a friend of mine has commissioned it and hey! I gotta learn sometime!

This is the one she saw and LOVED... I hope mine looks something like it.


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