About Me

I am an outgoing, bubbly and often times crazy individual. I love being goofy and silly. I often say that life with me will never be boring. I enjoy my life and appreciate every moment of it. There is nothing like getting lost in my artwork...in my own little world... Often times when I get an idea, or begin a new project, I will "dive in" and only "come up for air".

About Me

"Aspire to BE..."  A quote I came across years ago as I was getting ready to leave for college. I have been trying to live by it ever since.

I have seen it time and again...

     Even something Great
          must grow from something small.

                  ...a seed... an idea.

Here is my newest seed... this Etsy shop:  Barefootedwanderer. It is small, seldom seen, and I am not sure that it will ever be "great" but certainly hope it will grow.

I envision my shop, changing with the seasons... Like the seasons, certain things are always there; the solid earth beneath our feet, the trees (however bare they are), the sun, and moon, and stars.

In my shop, the constant is my desire to create and to share. It can be overwhelming sometimes; so much going on, so many ideas to try, and make, and do.

Recently, I have been working small,  specializing in unique jewelry; from my take on the elegant pearl earring, to my whimsical fish and animals. These are a constant too.. the unique and the whimsical. But like the seasons, my designs and creations grow and change always cycling back around...

I am fascinated with nature and the way we, as humans, interact with earth. How we are here; a part of it all. And I've been exploring ways that I can use the materials that we overlook each day, to create a unique beauty, and interest.

In the summer, I explore the beaches. ...the sand between my toes, and water lapping at my ankles...wind in my hair... I gather shells, driftwood, and broken glass -they all hold endless opportunities. Even knotted-up, cast-out fishing line,  may serve as inspiration for my next project.

Fall brings crisp leaves and the brisk wind... It makes me want to curl up with a good book by the fire. This is when I pull out of my collection yarn. Passed down from my grandmother and other elderly friends; this yarn is even a testament nature; to time.

When winter arrives I post my crocheted hats and scarves. I try to add color and energy to the quiet, cold and grey months.

For the holiday season I design custom ornaments for friends and family... and any community member who asks... I aim to make people smile and to touch their lives.

The spring brings fresh new ideas, soft green grass under my feet and the sweet smell of lilies in the garden...
fresh colors and patterns and textures to explore... Another summer exploring the beach and the wooded paths for inspiration lies ahead of me. It is time to plant more seeds.

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