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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zentangle fun...

I came across this blog by Alisa Burke...  her post the other day as entitled "Paint Chip Doodles". You can see it here: alisaburke.blogspot.com

I love the way her paint chips look! They are bright and exciting! And it reminds me of Zentangle... So, I had to try it out... and I started by using ZT patterns....

Here are the first three tiles I've done/started.

I like the first one... It makes me think Btl Joos (I think I spelled that wrong)  is engulfing the paint chip card... I think I might add a tentacle wrapping around the other side.

And...These are spring flowers! ...wishful thinking??? as there were flurries this morning... There is plenty of SUN now though!

Finally my Mooka inspired paint chip. ..But when I tucked it into my sketchbook it smudged! Instant frustration! ...So I started adding color... I like the tiles a lot more now... And I want to add more... I'm still working on them... We shall see what I come up with.

This one is still very smudged (you can see it if you open the larger viewer - click on the image). It is so annoying when sharpie smudges... isn't sharpie supposed to be permanent? I guess it's my fault that I didn't let it dry completely before putting it in my book. ...I guess it's still a work in progress....

I love my flowers! They are my favorite now... We shall see what else pops up into my brain with that chip.

And my see-life paint chip... with Btl Joos is definitely far from finished....But it will be Awesome!!!

I think I may turn these paint chips into book marks... so that I can use them and see them all the time!

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