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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing Goals... (Week 1)

I am starting a journey... to a better developed, well planned and successful business.... (ie: my Etsy shop, http://etsy.com/shop/barefootedwanderer)

"When you take consistent, concrete steps forward from a place of passion, purpose, and service you can make a meaningful and positive difference, and from that sweet spot the money will flow."

Borrowed from the RBBIZ website...  

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been partaking in the Right Brain Business Video Summit for the last week and a half. It's been great! I've not only learned things I can use for my Etsy shop/ creative business but I have learned so much that I can apply to my life in general! It has been a wonderful experience of personal development. 

The program has offered many valuable suggestions and ideas, and has demonstrated to me over and over again that I am not the only one "trying to get off the ground" with my shop/business... (as it sometimes feels).
One of the conversations the other day, is still resonating with me. It discussed how we often see established artists/artisans and idolize them. We think, Wow! They took off! They do their craft all day! They're successful  This is their job! ...then logical/reasonable thought may progress to.... If I want to be successful (like them), I could just throw it all in, get the stuff I need, quit my day job and jump in, 100%, GO! BUT!... Even these successful entrepreneurs had to work at it, it takes time, and it takes effort, dedication. and patience... then your business will grow... SO, when I become frustrated that my business just doesn't seem to "go" its... so small... and not well known... I remind myself of that conversation .. even the "Great ones" started small... and they had to work at it

During the RBBIZ summit they've also suggested that if you blog or have a newsletter make sure you are posting/publishing consistently. Not constantly... but consistently...

At the same time, It is said that if you create a goal for yourself and post it publicly (like on this blog) you are 100% more likely to achieve that goal.

Long term Goal 1: Blog at least once each week.
Long term Goal 2: Create ONE GOAL for myself each week and post it in that blog. 

Now, (stress reliever) while I may not always be able to post on Mondays, I will be posting my goal towards the beginning of each week. (It would also be awesome if I can get in the habit of posting a review of my achievement towards that goal at the end of the week... I will be working on this part of the goal...)

Week 1 Goal: My Goal this week is to continue with the RBBIZ Summit Videos and to complete all videos before they reach their 48 hour expiration, AND to begin acting on at least TWO ideas/ strategies mentioned in the program. 

Wish me luck!

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