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I am an outgoing, bubbly and often times crazy individual. I love being goofy and silly. I often say that life with me will never be boring. I enjoy my life and appreciate every moment of it. There is nothing like getting lost in my artwork...in my own little world... Often times when I get an idea, or begin a new project, I will "dive in" and only "come up for air".

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've been working on Pearl earrings... I had been contemplating several designs for the last few weeks, and decided it was well past time to try them out! Here are a few images of my newest creations... Please excuse the poor quality, they were taken with my cell phone... Better photos are to come!

Whit fresh-water pearls wrapped in silver wire.

White fresh-water pearls with a chain

Pink and black/purple fresh-water pearls - clustered pearls.

Black/purple freshwater pearls with pink accenting pearls - clustered

Moss green pearls. Hypoallergenic hooks.

Black fresh-water pearls wrapped in silver, with chain.

I love these earrings! I can't wait to wear them!

...I will be posting them in my Etsy shop soon!... Each pair will be made to order so each set will be custom created for they buyer. I will have the option of silver colored hooks, or the hypoallergenic hooks.

Comments and ideas are welcome!

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