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I am an outgoing, bubbly and often times crazy individual. I love being goofy and silly. I often say that life with me will never be boring. I enjoy my life and appreciate every moment of it. There is nothing like getting lost in my artwork...in my own little world... Often times when I get an idea, or begin a new project, I will "dive in" and only "come up for air".

Friday, March 30, 2012

Those Pics I promised... a bit delayed

Hey! Ok so here are those pictures I promised to upload... Whatdya think?!


Three of my Hemp Bangles
"Sunny Place"  ...summer thoughts...

My other three Hemp Bangles
"Seein' Green"

This scarf, necklace, wrap... Is made from an up-cycled T-shirt
Ocean themed charms
Sea Turtle

Ocean necklace
Starfish Charms
Bigger blue starfish

Remember the fish earrings??

These ones are still my favorite!

My new Toad and Moon earrings

With a single dragon fly with each toad...

Made to order... wire, woven bracelet

I also make key-chains...

 Oh yes! I can't forget the charmed necklace I spoke of...

Here is a detail of the charm...

With the full chain...

I love the way it looks in the sunlight.

A peek at my puppy!
Puppy love! She's so sweet and goofy...

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