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Monday, February 13, 2012


I found an excerpt in the Teaching Tolerance issue I received today. It was only the first 3 paragraphs of this blog post but, in light of recent events (in class today) I felt the need to look it up ASAP.


There is also this article...


OH! and I want to read this book...


I'm currently in the search for a particularly powerful lesson on tolerance, inclusion, slurs and other "jar words". I've developed a few lessons in the past that explored how "The things we say and do, directly influence those around us, whether or not we know about it." However, I'm not sure it will be as successful with this group of students. I need to find a project that analyzes the meaning of words, their misconceptions, as well as their effect on others.

My magazine came in at the perfect time. I only hope I have the ability to teach this group and make a difference.

Wish me luck... Pray for me... Whatever you do, I appreciate it.

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