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I am an outgoing, bubbly and often times crazy individual. I love being goofy and silly. I often say that life with me will never be boring. I enjoy my life and appreciate every moment of it. There is nothing like getting lost in my artwork...in my own little world... Often times when I get an idea, or begin a new project, I will "dive in" and only "come up for air".

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ideas are Percolating in my Brain... EEEK!

Oh my gosh I am terrible at keeping this blog up... But today I am back and hopefully I will return more regularly.
I've been bouncing this idea around in my head for a while... A design for earrings, it has to do with these AWESOME gummy fish I found in a gumball machine...

So Bright... and Squishy...

I knew I wanted to turn them into earrings almost as soon as I first saw them. This was months ago, and my ideas have been percolating in my head since. Now... well I tinkered around with some supplies and came up with a few things.

Fish Family?

I cant wait to post my creations online and see what people think!!..

This could be trouble...

These fish are getting into mischief... (he he he)

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