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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fundraiser for Holiday Fund!!

This is kind of exciting!!

I've set it up! I've uploaded images and information about the ornaments the KEY Club at MVHS made to raise money to donate to the Holiday fund! Check it out on my Etsy page: barefootedwanderer

We did sell many ornaments at the Holiday Craft fair this year. These are our leftovers. I'd really like to sell some more of them to add to the donation we will be making  (money will be donated to the fund within the next week or two). Any Proceeds that come in after, will be donated to another charitable organization.We have not decided which one yet. I will post as soon as we figure it out!

All ornaments have been hand made. Templates were chosen to reflect a seasonal theme, so that we do  not leave out any specific holidays. This way, anyone can enjoy them...even better - they can be displayed throughout the winter, not just the holidays!

There is a lot of Variety!

I'll be uploading more images of the finished ornaments here shortly, as well as some pictures of the ornaments "in progress"

***PS: Pardon the format of my images... Photoshop was not working for me today.

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