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Friday, December 9, 2011


I've had some requests for more information about the ornaments...

Ornament templates were designed to be festive and decorative without being related to a "holiday". To remain PC and respect all religions we chose a "winter theme" for the ornaments. Shapes include, snowflakes, mittens, winter stockings as well as two different types of hats (with and without ear flaps). We also created several ornaments in the shape of a circle.

Designs were cut from 1/4" birch composite (1/4" ply wood). I chose the Birch opposed to the regular ply wood because it was a much lighter material. I'd rather not create heavy cumbersome ornaments. Shapes were cut and edges were sanded before being sprayed with primer.

Students from KEY club as well as volunteers from my different classes decorated and embellished the ornaments with a variety of materials, techniques and processes: Zentangle, Acrylic paint, colored pencils, glitter, buttons, yarn, ribbon, lace, glass reflective disks, paper cutouts, etc...

Finally, ornaments were sprayed with a selection of glosses or sealants (depending on the materials used to decorate them) to prevent wear and promote the life of the ornament.

For an additional .50 cents I will personalize an ornament for you. Your personalization will be placed on the back of the ornament.

A couple ideas for personalization?
* A Name
* Phrase
* Personal message
* To:    From:
* "Happy Holidays 2011"

Please send me a message with your specifics.

Here are some of the KEY Club members, on the day of the Craft Fair.

OH Yes! I almost forgot... We have donated the money we've raised to the holiday fund at this point. I believe the money we raise now, will go to sponsor our club members for their District  Conference admission costs.

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