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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Talent Tuesdays

Another post for Talent Tuesdays. 
Remember this is when I will be showcasing my students artwork! Some weeks I will have one piece to share. Other times many pieces.

The Mug is another work in progress. This project was created out of slabs then the student created the imagery using the a sgraffito technique. It is currently being fired, then will be over glazed with transparent glaze to seal it off and make it shiny. Great job!

The portrait was done by another student. This picture does not show the completed project, unfortunately I was unable to get a photo before she brought it home. Even in this picture it looks awesome!

Finally the paint brushes were painted by one of the seniors in out school (a former student of mine) who is working on her portfolio.. she is very talented!!

There will be more to share next week!!

Hope you enjoy!

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