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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Falling into routine

Dear followers (if I have any out there)

I'm sorry for not being around very much. Life has been very busy. I has been hard to find a few minutes here and there to post. Recently I got a part time job at a local retail store to earn a little extra... moola... this summer. This meant along with teaching, I was training and working shifts at the store to begin training. And let's face it... Teachers days don't end when the bell rings! From the expected staff meetings and other PLC meetings... to after school club meetings... to staying after school to catch up my students who were way far behind on their school work... to reading papers and grading artwork. My days just kept getting longer and longer.. 

And then I went and got myself a sencond job... (don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my now job... but...) This meant the days that I worked at school and at the store. I have to rush out of school (as soon as my after-school responsibilities were done). Take out the dog. Eat dinner. Change my clothes. And get to work on time, which was usually within 1 hour of leaving the school. When I'd get home from the store I'd be beat. But now the school year has come to an end. And the extra days I put in to work on the curriculum alignment have been completed! There (should) be lots of time to work on my creative projects. This also means I should be blogging more... Hopefully 

You know, its funny, in college I was always busy: classes, and homework, and work(my job), and student organization meetings, and office hours... I lived on the go... and that was great for me! I loved feeling busy and productive and focused. I still do! But I like slowing down a little bit too... I live on a balance of fast paced days and slow, relaxed, chill days.

OK enough gabbing... pictures???. As the last project of the year my ceramics made masks. Here are a few of them...

 This student really is a lumberjack... The mask is very fitting

 This pair of photos make me laugh... to the left... the photo is taken while the student is back-lit, so the camera doesn't pick up all the detail... the Mask almost looks believable!

The pic to the right shows the real deal... I do have to say. While the skin on the mask is a bit bright... it blends with his natural skin tone well.

I LOVE  this mask!! It is super creepy! (go ahead.... enlarge the pic check out the detail... the eyes are sewn shut!!!)

In case you can't tell, this student has quite the personality. She actually went home... Put on her mask and a hooded black cape that covered her whole body and sat at the dining room table (in the dark) until her mother came home. Her mother screamed.

I have to say, if I was her mother, I would be in the ER with a heart attack.

A spoof on the mask from Phantom of the Opera... Except this student loves the color purple... can you tell?

I love how the students' personalities shine through their artwork. It is quite impressive!


Two very different students...

Two very different styles...

Two awesome projects!

Finally, This last mask is a butterfly... I love how the student incorporated the wings into the face of her mask.

I've also been working on an artist journal. I think we're pretty different techniques I'm learning from different artists that I've been in contact with. Each page has a different artist and/or technique.... Some activities go on for a couple of pages. This has been a lot of fun and tend to get carried away. I'm going to have to do some more work on it. I can't wait to turn some of these pages into full out pieces of art!  Those pictures will be here soon!

I also want to take a minute to share these productivity playlists that Tiffany Han has been putting out each month. They are great! I honestly tried it for the first time the other day. And got so much done. To quote her, "To maximize your productive time, remember: hit play and commit to focus for the duration of the playlist. Then when the music stops, you get a 5-minute break. It's sort of like musical chairs for your brain - except at the end of this game, EVERYONE wins!"

So.... Hop on over to her blog at TiffanyHan.com and check it out!

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